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A Great Place to Live

Canandaigua, Victor and the other cities and towns in Ontario County have a long and important history in commerce and human rights.

Today, Canandaigua serves as Ontario County seat, while Victor welcomes friends from the west and Geneva, from the south and east. Our region is known for its grape growing, its natural beauty, its friendly people and for its diverse marketplace.

Whether you seek peace and open space or an efficient home that enables routine travel, our proximity to pristine lakes, renowned attractions, major airports and interstate highways makes us a perfect place to call home.

Canandaigua lake
Credit - Amanda Cooney

A Great Place to Raise a Family

High-quality public schools with a variety of athletic teams, a strong network of artistic cultural assets, two- and four-year college options and safe and well-tended parks and trails make Ontario County and the Finger Lakes ideal for families of all ages and interests.

If your family has special interests or needs, you'll find myriad resources and opportunities for you and your children to enjoy access, inspiration and self-expression with the support of talented volunteers and experienced professionals!

A Great Place to Retire

National magazines have listed Canandaigua among their Top 10 communities in which to retire.  Our vibrant arts and culture, education and faith communities, natural beauty, convenient, high-quality healthcare attract active adults from all over the country.

A variety of high-quality housing stock, rental options and senior care services make Ontario County a safe, stimulating and comfortable destination for individuals and families seeking a slower pace without sacrificing quality, value or convenience.

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A Great Place to Grow Your Career

From Fortune 500 firms to solopreneurs, the Finger Lakes marketplace enjoys a dynamic mix of industries and operations including engineering and precision manufacturing, craft food and beverage, tourism and hospitality and health care.

High quality local colleges prepare youth and adults for jobs and careers in one of the few counties seeing population growth in New York State.

Not-for-profit organizations, including those in the Arts and Culture, Human Services, Health Care, Education, Faith and Community Services are also major employers and drivers of our regional economy.


Helpful Statistics (2016 data)

Media Household Income

Ontario County: $57,318

Town of Canandaigua: 59,847

City of Canandaigua: 43,185

Median Home Value

Ontario County: $170,000

Town of Canandaigua: 188,000

City of Canandaigua: $156,000


Ontario County: 109,207

Town of Canandaigua: 10,647

City of Canandaigua: 10,431

Land mass:

Ontario County: 644 sq. mi.

City of Canandaigua: 4.59 sq. mi.

Photo credit: Gail Loveland, 1, Amanda Cooney, 2, 3, Melody Burri, 4

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