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Tuesday @ 2

Browse our collection of discussions and webinars with different local professionals on a wide variety of topics.

Friday with Frank from Canandaigua National Bank & Trust

The Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce is moderating a webinar on Friday, April 24, at Noon on Small Business Administration and other funding options in light of the ongoing pandemic.

Frank H Hamlin, III, CEO of Canandaigua National Bank will join Deborah Rought and Michael O'Donnell – also from CNB – in a conversation about how local banks and financial institutions can help businesses navigate SBA and other relief programs and recover from financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  They will also share locally focused recommendations on how to manage cash flow, credit and lender relationships – as a business and a consumer – during market disruptions like The Pause.

Stay on Top of Your Game with Tall Trainer Fitness Systems

Join Ethan Fogg from the Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce and Jeremy Biernat from Tall Trainer Fitness Systems for a Tuesday @ 2 discussion.

If you tank so does your business and team! How to keep your energy running at top levels when it's needed most. We are going to punch up your motivation and help you have your best and most creative energy. Health strategies for sure but also life hacks for the 16 hours days!

COVID-19 Reopening Advice with Mosaic Health

Join Ethan Fogg from the Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce and Amy Arp, Mallory Eberly and Samantha Glarner from Mosaic Health for a conversation about COVID-19.

New York State just entered Phase 2 of reopening and many people are returning to their offices. Before we know it, hair dressers, restaurants and bars will be reopening as well. Join us and several Family Nurse Practitioners from Mosaic Health to learn what we know about COVID-19 so far, as well as discuss things like why it's important to wear a mask, could there be a second wave, and tips on staying safe in public places like grocery stores, your office, and eventually restaurants and bars.

Phase II: What Employers Need to Know with Underberg & Kessler

As of Friday May 29th, the Finger Lakes Region has begun Phase II of reopening.  Many employees will soon be returning to their offices, and with that comes risk of exposure to legal issues.  Join the Canandaigua Chamber and Underberg & Kessler on Thursday to discuss potential liabilities you could face, and how to be compliant.

During this webinar, attorneys Paul F. Keneally and Jennifer A. Shoemaker from Underberg & Kessler’s Labor & Employment practice group will go into detail regarding what employers need to be aware of regarding their liabilities as employees begin to return to work on-site. There are several items businesses must be compliant with, and they will go over them in detail.

Business Cash Flow Mapping with Lutz & Associates Wealth Management

Learn how to tell your money where to go, instead of asking where it went! It’s never unimportant to understand and optimize your cashflow, but in times like these it’s arguably more important than ever. Join us Tuesday @ 2 to learn more about how cash flow works, as well as tips tricks and strategies to improve it.

Happiness is a Positive Cash Flow! We all know that money doesn’t buy you happiness, but we dare you to be happy with a negative cash flow, it just doesn’t work. Join your Chamber and the Lutz and Associates team at 2pm on June 9th to learn how to:
• Demystify the complexity of cash flow
• Better communicate your finances with your team
• Create a personal and business Cash Flow Map

The Enforcability of Contracts during COVID-19 with Underberg & Kessler

Was your business impacted by COVID-19? Are you in a situation where you find yourself wondering if you would be exempt from fulfilling the terms of a contract that was in place pre-COVID? A lot of contracts have force majeure clauses that can exempt a business from having to fulfill obligations due to an unforeseen unavoidable catastrophe. Does COVID-19 count, does it count for your business? Join your Chamber with Serena M. Compitello from Underberg & Kessler to get answers, with an opportunity for questions after the presentation.

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