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***The Question & Answer period is now closed (see submitted questions and their answers below).  Letters of Interest must be received at 113 S. Main St., Canandaigua, by 2:00pm, Friday, 2/26 to be considered in the search for a Project Partner.  LOI can be delivered in person, via email or US Mail.  (The Chamber accepts no responsibility for delays in electronic or postal delivery.)

Thank you for your interest.  


We're seeking an experienced partner to develop and manage a Co-work Space at our 113 S Main St site

As a league of businesses organized in 1910, we provide leadership, advocacy and pro-business services to a corps of about 500 member firms and their employees in Ontario and five contiguous counties.  Advances in technology and changes in consumer behavior continue to define our services and advance our mission.

Informed by national trends and local commitments to bring jobs into downtown centers, activate dormant commercial space and create live-work friendly communities, the Chamber is actively pursuing attractive and affordable new ways to attract and retain business in historic downtown Canandaigua.  One of those ways is establishing high-quality, convenient Cowork Space in the building known as the Chamber's home since the early 1990s.

The ideal partner will manage all aspects of the establishment and ongoing operation of the proposed Cowork Space in 2,200 sq ft of currently undeveloped interior space.  The partner’s role would include but not be limited to:

  • Informed recommendations on design/construction
  • Timely and compelling launch, ongoing marketing and participant relationship management
  • Active engagement in the cultivation of capital funders and other friends of the project

As the property owner, the Chamber will be responsible for funding and overseeing the construction/finish process in collaboration with the identified partner and a general contractor yet to be determined.

All Chamber-member firms in good standing are welcome to submit a letter of interest (LOI) addressing the following:

  • Qualifications and Related Experience managing a cowork or multi-business space
  • Proposed Approach and Strategy, including a financial model with pricing and revenue share (note: partner share to be based on actual revenues)
  • Staffing and other resources available to activate your proposal
  • References from relevant projects

Letters of interest must be received at 113 South Main Street, Canandaigua, NY 14424 (in person, by email or by US Mail) by 2:00 pm on Friday, 2/26/2021, to be considered.  Questions and requests for clarification may be emailed to before the Question-and-Answer period ends at 2:00 on Friday 2/19.  Questions considered appropriate for the process, and their answers will be posted, without names of inquiring parties, on this page for the benefit of all interested parties.

Based on LOI received, as many as three firms may be asked to present a more detailed proposal to a committee.  All parties who submitted an LOI by the deadline will be advised of their status by Friday, 3/12.

The success of the project is contingent on zoning approval, successful financing and other considerations.

Thank you for your interest!


Relevant questions and their answers will be posted here:

Q:  How long does the Chamber expect to contract with the selected cowork partner?

A:  The Chamber expects to engage in a 3-5 year contract with the partner identified for this project.


Q:  Is the project expected to be profitable (rather than solely cover its own costs)?

A:  The Chamber is interested in a model that will create value for all concerned, including revenue to cover the project build-out and other operating expenses.


Q:  Is the expectation that the cowork space have its own staff?

A:  The Chamber was intentionally broad in its Call for Interest.  Interested parties are encouraged to submit a model that is consistent with their experience, capable of generating profits and sustainable in the long term.


Q:  Do you anticipate selecting one partner for this project that has the abilities to generate the theme and vision, construction and management of the co-work space?

A:  We are seeking a primary partner with experience and resources to execute a profitable project.  Those resources may include subcontractors or partners.  We as the Chamber intend to finance the buildout of the space, so we reserve the right to select a construction/finish contractor.


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