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Bond Benefits Consulting

We offer Health & Dental Insurance

Protect Yourself and your Employees from the unexpected


Health Insurance and related benefits are a primary determinant of where people choose to work and why theychoose to stay. In this competitive marketplace, we're committed to giving you and your business every advantage possible.  Through our partnership with member agency Bond Benefits, we're able to bring you Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield products at competitive rates with personal service (or online self-service, if you prefer).

Whether you're an employer, self-employed or early-retired, we’re excited to present Bond Benefits Consulting as our new broker of record for health and dental insurance.  Call or email them today to learn about their range of products and services for individuals and employers.

***Please note that November and December are customarily periods of Open Enrollment, spiking demand for consultations.  Bond Benefits - and the Chamber - are committed to your inquiry being addressed within one business day.

Give Benefits - Save Money

Safe Harbors

Safe Harbor Health specializes in getting supplemental benefits for your employees - without costing you extra. Quite the opposite of costing you extra, you can SAVE as much as $540 per year per participating employee.


There are deductions from employee paychecks that are mandated by the government but can be used by participating in programs provided by the likes of Safe Harbor Health.


Benefits include: wellness seminars, exercise programs, chronic disease management, patient advocacy, digital health records system, mental health counseling, prescription discounts, telemedicine, & much more. Combined these benefits average around $1,800 in value per employee.


Reach out to Richard deAsis at 585-750-4231 or

***To participate in this program your employees are not eligible for a health savings account***

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